Dr. Andreas Kneip

Management spokesman Catella Real Estate AG KAG

"Diligencia Real Estate has been supporting us in the asset management of a total of seven office and health care buildings in Germany since the beginning of 2011. We very much appreciate the efficient cooperation with Diligencia Real Estate and in particular with Mark Zimmermann."

Danilo Hunker

Management VALAD Germany GmbH

“Diligencia Real Estate is a very important partner in the management of our real estate in southern Germany. We benefit from Mark Zimmermann’s market knowledge and his expert network. We can count on a highly motivated and strongly solution-oriented approach, in particular to very complex challenges.”

Daniel Schustermann

Director, Schustermann und Borenstein GmbH

“Together with Mark Zimmermann, we restructured and successfully negotiated a commercial lease that is very important and relevant for our company. In doing so we recognised Mark Zimmermann and his Diligencia Real Estate as highly competent and informed business partners – qualities that we also rate highly for the management of the properties and day-to-day tenant management.”

Dr. med. L. Roslawski

Medical director, Sportklinik Duisburg

“In the continuing management of our sports clinic and the coordination of the fit-out of additional clinic and surgery space, we rely on Diligencia Real Estate as experts with well-founded and detailed professional knowledge in the field of healthcare properties.”

Marcus Blumenthal

Senior Consultant Industrial and Logistics Colliers Schauer & Schöll GmbH

“Benefiting from Diligencia Real Estate’s well-founded knowledge and experience in the management of industrial and logistics properties, we have already successfully completed several projects. We look forward to further collaboration.”

Andre Kröger, Tobias Dzubilla

Directors, OnMaCon GmbH Online Marketing Hamburg

“We hold Mark Zimmermann and his Diligencia Real Estate in high regard as very experienced, competent and above all congenial business partners. Many thanks for the very good services provided at our firm's location here in Hamburg.“

Otto Figel

Managing Director MTU Onside Energy GmbH

“As tenant of an industrial and logistics property, it is particularly important for us that Diligencia Real Estate has a profound understanding of this real estate sector. This results in a good appreciation of our requirements as tenant and a highly professional collaboration.“

Marc Bachmann

Director Völckers & Cie Immobilien GmbH

“We have already jointly negotiated and successfully concluded a number of leases with Diligencia Real Estate GmbH. This success was based above all on Mark Zimmermann's reliability, negotiating power and profound knowledge of the Hamburg commercial property market. The tenants are also delighted by the professionalism of this company and its personable and courteous manner.“

Nico Jungnickel

Associate Director Office letting, Savills Munich

“Diligencia Real Estate’s very good knowledge of the sector and the market, combined with its swift decision-making and creative solutions, make collaboration with the firm extremely agreeable and efficient.“