Diligencia Real Estate provides German and foreign investors with more than just a management platform in Germany. It also offers the opportunity to invest through participation in a bespoke investment vehicle, adapted to the requirements of the customer concerned. These can be set up as pooled funds or individually as a “separate account”. Clients therefore benefit from the company’s portfolio management expertise. In addition to real estate fund solutions, the company structures, as initiator, so-called “club deals” for specific investment opportunities. It is prepared to take a minority interest in joint ventures.

Market-oriented selection and management of a real estate portfolio are decisive factors in a successful and profitable investment strategy. Diligencia Real Estate can respond to continually changing market conditions and is always ready to adapt its investment strategy to current circumstances, by carrying out appropriate transactions.

The company offers its clients a complete portfolio management process. This includes:

  • Portfolio planning: Defining investment aims, developing an investment and sector allocation strategy, assembling the target portfolio.
  • Realisation of the portfolio: Acquisition of the assets selected by the Investment Committee, implementation of the acquisition procedure including supervising the due diligence.
  • Portfolio monitoring: Performance evaluation and, if necessary, adjustment of the strategy.

Transaction and Investment Management

There are five major factors that identify professional Transaction and investment management:

  1. Bespoke analysis of the investor’s objectives
  2. Thorough selection of suitable properties, taking into account the specific market characteristics in each case
  3. Assembly and coordination of an experienced due diligence team
  4. Structured implementation of the acquisition process and
  5. The subsequent supervision of the properties

Diligencia Real Estate services its clients’ real estate investments with the greatest possible care. The company works with experienced specialists, who have comprehensive business expertise and proven track records. The range of services is optimised by taking over letting activities and the management of the investments.


For Diligencia Real Estate, the main aims of successful asset management are maintaining and appreciating the values of the property under management. Taking maximum advantage of the potential of the property is the main consideration for all activities and operations. The ideally coordinated services provided by Diligencia Real Estate in the asset management field also guarantee that investors’ capital will be secured and increased.

In order to achieve this, reducing vacancy by active letting management and increasing the net rental income by appropriate cost savings are essential prerequisites for the company. In addition, the company combines familiarity with the property and the development of individual and creative ideas to provide and implement targeted solutions to challenging real estate situations.

Diligencia Real Estate ensures transparency by the careful preparation of decision proposals and a professional reporting system.

The range of services provided by Diligencia Real Estate in the Asset Management field includes:

  • Letting management
  • Client-oriented tenant management
  • Management of costs
  • Market analysis
  • Reporting
  • Compilation of business plans
  • Budgeting / “Capex” analyses
  • Cash flow calculations and forecasting
  • Supervision of building works
  • Commercial property management incl. property book keeping
  • Coordination of Facility Management